Sometimes you find the oddest things when searching in Grandma's Attic.

Next time you feel like searching around in a dusty old attic filled with some pretty funky items and it's not just Grandma's Grannie-panties either, this is the perfect way to collect the big ticket items worth a whole jackpot of nearly 38 grand! No secret is greater than the ones that include terrific winning combinations.
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Grandma's Attic - online slot game by Rival with multiple options

Just what exactly is in Grandma's Attic? She's hiding some secrets and nobody ever knew about it, until now. What could you find that is up there is anyone's guess but for sure there is some treasure that is just waiting to get snatched-up! It's time to search in this crawl space.

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Well, grandma has certainly more then just skeletons in her closet that she's hiding and she sends you to get her little jewel box. She just can't seem to recall that she híd some things up there- that are not exactly the household items you keep in the house just laying around. In the 5 reels of this fantasic slot game you can bet that there's some creep secrets that are going to turn-up soner or later. 15 paylines help you connect the items along the reels so you can reep the reward of finding some great treaures of your own. The wild symbol in this game is the skeleton and substitutes for others to get some combination wins. As for the scatter symbol, this is the Wardrobe and it wins you free spins and also starts the bonus game where you chose what's inside treasure chests for extra prizes and spins to play.

Grandma would agree that she never knew she had so many things in her attic that were worth anything but this time you can just pretend she doesn't know about it and keep it all for yourself!
There aren't any flowers in this attic...