Checkered flag scratch fun with Grand Prix Gold instant win scratch

Every race has a finish line when it comes right down to it. While playing the Grand Prix Gold scratch card game, the finish here can result in big wins for all who play. Either from demo fun or serious wagered stakes! Double pay is the lowest prize awarded.
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Grand Prix Gold scratch card can win 100x the stake

Much more fun than the average Sunday drive in the countryside. Grand Prix Gold scratch card offers everyone a shot at winning. Top awards worth 100x the amount wagered are possible. Play for fun or serious scratch marathon prizes. Start your engine, this light is always green!

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Another great scratch card which makes racing for big prize wins such a thrill. Or perhaps the silly fun of winning something unexpected! The Grand Prix instant win scratch card starts with a wager amount for each game to be played. Choose the denomination which fits your budget to play.

Lowest games begin with 5 cents per card with a max worth 50 dollars at the top gear level. Any selection marked sticks until the following game is played. Each square needs to be pressed to reveal the icon underneath. Match any three of them and the according prize off the prize table is paid immediately.

Press the Reveal All button to speed the process further. Each game needs to have a new card bought, so anything lost can possibly be won in the next round. You can win from 100x at top returns paid, or double money at the lowest prize given. Good luck!

Grand Prix Gold online scratch isn’t just for winners, it’s for everyone who loves to win! Play for big prize chances anytime the race for quick cash is desired.
Grand Prix Gold instant win scratch powers the raceway for prizes!