Good Girl Bad Girl slot, tantalizing 3D femme fatales moralize the reels

With the Pitchfork and Halo appearing side by side, a special Click Me feature will be provided. Unlike the Classic Slot, this added bonus feature gives the player a sense of a fighting chance in deciding their winnings.
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Play both naughty and nice in Good Girl Bad Girl slot - girls winning every which way

Good Girl Bad Girl with its dueling femme fatales reminds me of a sequel to a B movie with Cameron Diaz as the Good witch and Angelina Jolie as the bad witch.  As I wouldn't recommend it to my 10 year old niece it will certainly be a hit with the men of the world.  Whether you’re  playing  the “Good “ mode which offer a low risk experience  or “Bad” mode which is more high risk, the player will enjoy the best of both worlds.  And for the real gambler who would rather push the envelope, the option to play both in the “combo” mode makes the experience that much more tantalizing and highly recommended.

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A 5 reel slot with colorful graphics and a somewhat sexualized theme the betting range of $.02-$.50 should keep the frugal gamer captivated and interested for quite a while.  With 15 available paylines the game can get quite interesting when the pitchfork ad halo pop up on the reel.  There is no confusing the two as the color graphics and sound of terror in the background make for an interesting combination.  When this occurs, the pitch fork and halo will be transformed into a wild symbol in either blue or red.  Each wild symbol will contain a hidden multiplier enabling the player to increase their earnings.

As with the rest of the game, your chances will be different depending on your Play Mode, although if you are playing both, you will have the option to choose Good or Bad. Each mode will provide a selection of 4 boxes each containing a different win. Each box contains a Small Wine, Medium Win, Big Wine or a Collect. The payout for each selection will be dependent upon the mode for which you are playing. The last of the added features is the Money Wheel.If players acquire 3 or more Money Wheel symbols, they will be given the opportunity to take a spin on the Money Wheel where prizes include instant credits, free spins and the ability to gain the Progressive Jackpots.
As with all of the bonuses in this game, payouts are based upon the playing mode.