Win a quick 10,00 if you buy the lucky Golden Tropics scratch card

If you enjoy watching snails move or grass grow, you may also enjoy the Golden Tropics instant win game. Perhaps win up to 10 grand on a luck card reveal, or just get even money returned. It’s all in the cards when you try this rather silly scratcher game.
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Golden Tropics: Scratch out a living while playing these scratchers

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the Golden Tropics instant win game is offering chances to win up to 10 grand on a maximum prize payout. Reveal an octopus to win multiple amounts. Just one of them is even money, come and try it today.

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Here’s one of the weirdest scratcher games you’ll ever come across. As if they designed the game in a big rush to have something playable. If you can forgive the excessive button selection just to get into the Golden Tropics instant win game, it’s not so bad. Start with the stake which is set to a one dollar amount for each card. You may select as many as 12 cards per round also. Then press the scratch all button which doesn’t do much except to activate the cards.

You then will need to press each card individually to reveal the win or not. It’s rather slow on the actual reveal if you don’t press it yourself. In the event of a win, you’ll see the result right away. Perhaps you might like some of those tasty Lifesaver candies while you play? At this strange little sidewalk stand, you’ll need them. Good luck!

One more reason to stay home at night with this instant win game. Up to 12 cards can be played at one round. At a buck per card, it’s worth trying the demo play at least once or twice.
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