Best the cheeky chicken and find his famed Golden Egg for a massive jackpot

There is just something about that cheeky smile on the chicken that cracks you up. The naughty chicken is the highlight of the game, unless you win a big jackpot of course. The top jackpot that can be won is £100,000, though players will need to have the maximum wager staked in order to stand a chance of this happening. Failing that, there are still massive sums of money up for grabs with smaller wagers, if you can find the golden egg of course.
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The Golden Egg instant win game by Pariplay – The egg that’s worth its weight in gold

Golden Egg is Pariplay’s hilariously funny instant win game starring a cheeky chicken with a big grin and even bigger pearly whites. The Golden Egg instant win game permits players to choose from three eggs that are carefully stashed under hens. The main character flashes a sign that says how much can be won, and if you uncover the golden egg under the hens, you win the amount.

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Golden Egg will enable players to cough up anywhere between 0.10 per game, upwards to 10.00 per attempt. With a massive jackpot at stake, all for finding the big golden egg, and a one in three chance of success, it is certainly worth playing the max wager in this game.

The top part of the screen is just filled with scenery and the coop in the background really doesn’t do anything at all. It is only there for aesthetics. The main character will randomly award a prize total, and it is the job of the player to pick from the three hens (once they have bought a ticket) to see what they have won. The golden eggs wins the prize, two regular eggs (with baby chick’s popping out), wins nothing but a smile from the cheeky chicken.

The prize that the chicken offers you before you play is decided at random. You never really know what you are going to get, and this adds an element of surprise to the instant win game. A change from the usual scratch card format, instant win titles that Pariplay usually produces, Golden Egg is hilarious, vastly rewarding and relatively cheap. There is entertainment to be had here, both comical and exciting entertainment.
That grinning chicken, what more can you say than, get that chicken and his golden egg!