Discover the Golden Dragon slot which can hit 5000-coin jackpot

Every line here is a new jackpot potential in the spins of Golden Dragon slot. Just like the big beasts that they are, they're usually stinky for starters. Get used to that smell, gold doesn't come for free and dragons don't like giving-up their gold! Anyway, if you stick to it, you'll come out a winner soon enough.
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Try your luck spinning Golden Dragon; every payline has a jackpot

Somehow this classic slot is not as exciting as the other 3-reels you may have seen before. It still offers 5 paylines that pack in jackpot amounts across every line it offers. Try it in demo mode to see for yourself. Is Golden Dragon up to the challenge?

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Dragons are fearsome creatures that don't put-up with anything. This is why so many knights usually became the meal of the week when some fool felt himself brave enough to go poking it with a sharp stick. Now the Golden Dragon slot however is another beast indeed.

This 5 coin slot offers 3-reel spins that all have a 25 cent starter for each coin. Play higher wagers at you own risk, as usually the case for all slot games... The best part of these spins is the fact that any payline can win the prizes, especially the jackpots.

Now you might think that a different amount for each is cheating, that's besides the point. You want to win! Any amount from 1000x up to 5000x is offered. You might hit this jackpot once, twice, of not at all. It depends how long you play and how much luck is with you. Chance it for fun play, what do you have top lose there?

Let's face it, when the going gets tough, the dragons get scared. This is one dragon that knows when he smells fear. Prevail from this beast and you might win more often.
Mystic, mouthy, and full of money! The Golden Dragon roars gold!