Party, get fat with Glutters slot (At least we think that's the theme)

Leander’s Glutters is a gluttony filled fest, played over 20 paylines and 5 reels. This slot contains a total non-progressive jackpot of 500 coins, which might seem bizarre, but you must remember that the bonus games are even more nuts!
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Glutters video slot game – Where gluttony of gold is possible

Glutters is a surprisingly cute themed slot, although for the life of us, we can’t really apply a theme to it. One might say that it is about healthy eating, but then again, only some of the adorable critters look like baby veg. So what is the theme of Glutters then? Forget about it! All you need to know about Glutters, is that it is cheap to play, offers decent payouts, and has a bonkers theme that makes no sense at all, and you’ll be all the better for it!

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This simple video slot offers players coin denominations that range from 0.01 up to 10.00 per line. The player can only wager 1 coin per line, but they do have the option of adjusting the paylines if they wish. The Glutters video slot can be played for as cheap as 0.01 per line, per spin, up to a fair and modest 200.00 per spin.

About the special features; yes, well, there are an amazing four of those. The wild symbol is the most basic special feature, as it is a simple substitute symbol, able to replace itself with any other icon, bar the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is the food basket, and when 3 symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 you trigger a bonus round. The Food-Cannon feature is a randomly awarded bonus that could see players get fatter and fatter bonuses as they play on, and if the player does play the Feed Your Bonus, bonus round, they will then be invited to play a free spins game.

The tricky thing about this slot is the bonus rounds. As special features can trigger other special features, the whole process of learning how to get from one special feature to another and how to trigger just one of them becomes rather like spaghetti junction. It’s sloppy, though doubtless that works well for a slot that is potentially themed after gluttony?
Glutters: A what-is-this themed slot with special bonuses and plenty of them...