Receive Genie generated rewards in Genie's Hi-Lo Arcade game

In Genie's Hi-Lo, the bombshell dealer deals 12 cards. Player bets on the next card drawn: Is it higher or lower than the previous? Will it be red or black...? Addictive stuff here. Win in a progressive jackpot up to a few thousand dollars.
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Use your E.S.P. to guess what the Genie has in Hi Lo!

In a reproduction of what may the world's first gambling card game (heck, you could play it with any deck including tarot), Genie's Hi-Lo encourages you to test your psychic powers -- for big payouts!

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Choose a bet and the virtual dealer gives you 12 cards from a standard 52-card deck and then ... guess the next card. Choose red or black or prognosticate as to whether the following card is higher or lower than the previous. Twelve consecutive straight guesses wins a progressive jackpot usually good for at least a few thousand dollars.

If you think you're psychic, maybe you are. Would you like to know more? Try your abilities in Genie's Hi-Lo.
Genie's Hi-Lo: The hardcore gambler's game