Disco + slots + Microgaming = The Gee Gees, a big hit

Good sountract, nice graphics, funny animal characters, that old Microgaming magic ... The Gee Gees really does have it all. Clearly one of the best single-payliners out there, about the worst that can be said of The Gee Gees online slot is that there aren't enough hours in the day to play it!
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The Gee Gees

Imagine the hype rolling by in Star Wars style... On a not-so-distant yet strangely chic planet, horses are seldom seen at the races... Instead you’ll find them at sophisticated uptown Discotheques where they prance the night away in white polyester jumpsuits, and sport exquisitely groomed beards... This is the world of The Gee Gees, a funk-fuelled, medallion-wearing world of money, where horses are the undisputed kings of the dancefloor! The Os Man’s initial fears about a disco-themed online slot were pretty much immediately quelled when the background music started: More hiphop than old old old-school platter-spinning, the score here is not only unannoying, it's almost catchy. The Gee Gees is in fact quite a good one: Our equine hero (for Gee Gees doubles as a funny-animal theme machine as well) eschews you to gamble on any win you spin on the reels; any number of results can come up as the player travels a giant dancefloor gameboard. This bonus round makes The Gee Gees perhaps the sole online slot in which the player spends more time in the bonus round than in actual reel play. Tell you what, though: The Os Man soon knew he was screwed when the “mystery” feature came up; it is truly embarrassing how many times LOSE came up. This review should be longer, but the Os Man is literally off to play more Gee Gees. LCD rating: 8.5/10.

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The Gee Gees is a quite brilliant and stunningly addictive single-payliner, with an excellent bonus feature. Disco the night away with this slot!

Another cool bit in The Gee Gees online slot: Thanks to generous bonus spins, this may be the only online slot in which the slots player spends more time on the sequence board than spinning the reels.