Grab your share of the Gangster’s Loot with an instant win, arcade game

In Gangster’s Loot not every gangster will be holding money in their case. The more gangsters with green in their cases the greater win. One cash is worth your money back, 2,3, 4 or 5 cases are worth 5x, 15x, 50x or 100x original wager. Win the top jackpot of 2,000 coins for the max stake plus 5 suitcases.
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The Gangster’s Loot arcade game with multiplier mob madness

This arcade game is a gangster/mobster-themed arcade game, designed and developed by Parlor Games. Players who want their share of the cut are going to have to match up stacks of cash in this very simple instant win game. The graphics are decent, the music somewhat out of place, but all in all, what are you expecting from a standalone release?

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Players can begin wagering in Gangster’s Loot from as little as 0.50 per game. On the higher end of the gambling table, players are entitled to bet as much as 20.00 per game, which of course increases the amount of money that player is able to win.

There is an auto play button in Gangster’s Loot that will enable a player to wager the same stake either 5 or 10 times with the click of a button. But there are bonus features, and a player wins money by opening each of the 5 gangster’s briefcases and trying to match up what they have inside with other gangster’s briefcases.

Gangster’s Loot is a very enjoyable arcade game if all the player is after is a simple, no fuss, and minimum effort, instant win title. If however, the player is after something a little more challenging, with a larger jackpot and more ways to win; there are certainly other titles out there that offer such things. The graphics in Gangster’s Loot are commendable, even if the irritating theme music isn’t. This though can be switched off.
Fair jackpot, no effort required; a simple instant win game