Jump up and down to the beat of the Funky Monkeys.

Just when you thought disco was dead, these crazy monkeys have brought it back. Play the card like any other scratcher but brings back the boogie woogie back into your life. Any win plays a little monkey animation to help you celebrate your luck. Go Bananas with this game.
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Funky Monkeys - online scratch card by OpenBet for big wins

The 70’s had some of the funkiest music in the era of disco than any other. So many films and songs since then have been inspired by this style. In the spirit of the disco feel you can now scratch-out some funky monkeys of your own with this keen new version.

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Time to get down with the boogie woogie feel and start scratching your monkey for the chance to win something real funky. Make your bet on the card and get the urge to be itchy since this game is all about monkeys and disco music. Austin Powers would be proud of this game as well so there’s no telling what mystery prize can be won. Just uncover 3 matching money symbols and the secret stash is all yours. Chose the option to reveal all the symbols at the same time to see the instant results. Each play is just as exciting as disco music can be so getting funky is the first rule of this game. The color styles on the card will leave your senses in a spinning feeling like so many nights dancing at the disco hall. Get into the Funky Monkeys room for a piece of the jackpot boogie

Don’t just monkey around with this game, it’s full of some exciting plays, clever animation, and even bigger prizes that await your funky touch. Start your funny monkey business today!
Win big and let these monkeys dance for you!