Mmmm, fruit-flavored online scratch card...

If you've got the itch and want a dose of virtual vitamin C to go with it, check out Playtech's Fruit Scratch online casino game.
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Fruit Scratch online scratch card game -- With 3D animations

It's an online scratch card game filled with wacky fruit flavors! Okay, wacky fruit characters, then. Bet anywhere from $1 to $10 per card, and match three symbols to win!

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First choose your wagered amount from between $1 and $10 and then click on NEW CARD to start play. Click on the panels in any pattern to reveal a symbol underneath each one. Alternatively, press REVEAL ALL for all the symbols to be shown instantly.

If you reveal three identical symbols, you win, and multiple wins, i.e. matched two sets of three symbols, is possible in Fruit Scratch as well. The prize multiplier amounts are shown on the table on the left side of the scratch card.

"It's nothin dangerous / I feel no pain / I've got to ch-ch-change / You know you got it when you're going insane / Scratch card fever..."
Scratchy, scratchy, hope for matchy!