Football Players and Fruit, they go together well in Fruit Bowl

Real Time Gaming is taping up already for the upcoming Super Bowl with their latest new slot, Fruit Bowl XXV slot with football players that are a bit too sweet and sour.
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Fruit Bowl

Fruits and Football with Fruit Bowl XXV, a new slot by Real Time Gaming with a real fruity bunch of football players. Fruit Bowl XXV Slot is now available for play with a major and a minor jackpot. Fruit has come to compete on the football field this year with fruit pub football quarterbacks and line backers. The banana is about to throw a pass on the reels while the grape is running a touchdown. A pair of cherries is cheering in the stands and a blueberry cheerleader is shaking her pom poms. A strawberry and a pineapple are frantically trying to catch a pass while the referee scratches his head, is that a peanut or a potato referee? Certainly not a fruit, unless he’s overripe as he’s brown and spotty, that is my only guess as why else would the creators of Fruit Bowl XXXV slot include a potato or a peanut in their 25 payline, 5 reel fruit salad? Fruit Bowl XXV slot by Real Time Gaming also has caps, trophies, a lemon-shaped football, a pair of tickets to the game and Fruit Bowl XXV scattered logos. The game is taking place inside the half of a cantaloupe, cute indeed.

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3 scattered Fruit Bowl XXV logos will give slots players the touchdown they need to get into the bonus feature where players get to pick whether their football player goes left or right or tackles or jumps. If you get past the defense then players will be awarded a number of free spins with a multiplier prize. Once players win, the Fruit Bowl Logos will explode with the real sound effects and visuals of a purple fireworks display. Rock-n-Roll into the free spins feature for more free coin credits, the animation is decent enough but the music in the main game is extremely annoying as well as the grape’s laugh as he crosses the field for a touchdown. What a total grape geek, actually, all the fruits are rather goofy looking, but then, what else can you expect with fruits as football players?

It's a 5 reel 25 payliner slot with bananas making passes and grapes running touchdowns in Fruit Bowl XXV slot, a new football slot by Real Time Gaming with fumbling fruit players who'd do much better in the fruit basket than playing on the football field.
The Super Bowl this year has been recreated in a new slot by Real Time Gaming, Fruit Bowl XXV slot, but fruits are definately much better in a bowl than on the football field.