Fancy-swanky French Roulette, the original way to play roulette

French Roulette Pro Series offers players a traditional game of roulette, utilising stunning 3D graphics, with all the classical bets on the table, minus the more advanced ones such as corners and street bets. French Roulette Pro Series biggest feature is the history box which keeps players updated on past spins.
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Classic game for classic casino players, French Roulette

French Roulette pro series is a good graphics representation of classic European roulette. The stunning 3D graphics are only part of the package that Net Entertainment has come up with for this table game. All of the typical bets are there, along with an added feature offering information about what is hot and what is not with the bets.

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French Roulette Pro Series offers players a choice of 1, 5, and 25 value chips. The minimum stake a player can make in French Roulette Pro Series is 1.00 per spin of the roulette wheel, whilst at its most expensive; the game will set you back 500.00 a spin.

As with any roulette game, the player has a wide range of bets to choose from. The player, can place bets on Manque (1-18), Impair (odds), Pair (evens) and Passe (19-36), as well as all the usual numbers, red, and blacks. The box to the bottom right of the screen is the history box, and it details to a player all the recent hot numbers and cold numbers, as well as a percentages breakdown of all the recent spins.

This is the number one roulette game from Net Entertainment. Any player who feels as though it might cost too much, or they would like to wager more though, can find alternative entertainment in two other French Roulette Pro-Series games, made by the same developers.
Net Entertainment presents a French-style roulette game online with a handy history bar for quick referencing and tips...