Be the king of the kingdom at this French Roulette table

Roulette started in France just a few years ago, so you have to admit, even if you don’t know where France is- here is the game that’s still easy to understand this language. Extra features such as the French bets allow 3 options to play from. Get hooked on this version that makes you feel even more European.
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French Roulette - online table game the French way

It’s a well known fact that Roulette started in France years ago but you’ll have to agree, even if you don’t speak French- this game is still easy to understand. Added addtional plays featuring the French bets with 3 options to play from. It’s the game to be won in the Eurozone.

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The first step in this game is not having to apolgise for not being French. But the rest is quite simple. You’ll see that the game itself is viewed from the edge of the players table with virtual French flags hovering on either side. This makes it very French, so the feel is surely genuine. Make the same bets you would make with normal roulette on Black and Red, odd and even, and also the numbered bets including the spit bets all through the 6 way spread everyone enjoys. The special feature includes the French bets (3 in all), 2 variables and 1 three-way bet. Double-down for real brazen courage if you feel it’s going to win the pot but anyway, it’s French Roulette so you’ll feel like the King of France when you play this game. Give into the indulsion that French love about Roulette, and play to win!

Bigger is better, and no country is bigger on Roulette than France is. Play the game with options to play like the French like to play from. It’s big wins all around!
Be as French as you can in French Roulette