The French Roulette table game– Spin and win in glorious 3D, like never before

French Roulette is certainly one of the better roulette games on the net. It has been created in beautiful 3D graphics and brings a solid roulette experience to the gamer.
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Fancy some cracking French Roulette, in a superb 3D environment?

French Roulette is the kind of game you expect in the modern gaming world. This luxuriously designed 3D table game is one of the finest to appear. It is of course based on the same game it is named and involves choosing winning bets which are determined by a roulette wheel.

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The lowest bet that can be placed in the French Roulette table game is 1.00. Players can wager no more than 500.00 at the maximum. This gives it a fair wagering range.

Some of the French rules and terms have been included in this roulette game. However the basic game is the same as all roulette games of French origin. You must place your chips on the type of bet that you want and then the roulette wheel will spin. If the corresponding number that the ball lands on matches your bet in some way, you will win a fixed pay-out from the game. Some of the types of bets you can place in French Roulette include Manque (1-18), Impair (Odds), Passe (19-36), Pair (Evens), Reds and Blacks. Keep an eye on that zero, as the rules regarding it may differ from what you are used to.

A couple of handy special features have been worked into the design of this slot. One such feature is the Hot and Cold box. This allows players to see numbers will have cropped up fairly often recently, and ones which have scarcely made an appearance at all.
Online roulette has never looked this good before, this game is stunning