Freaky Thimbles with Native American thimbles - crazy I know

Freaky Thimbles puts out smoke signals with up to 2,000 coins for their big jackpot. Match the silver diamonds for the jackpot although matching up other colored diamonds are worth 3x, 5x, 25x and 100x your stake.
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Freaky Thimbles by CTXM – a software brand getting freakier by the minute

Are you seriously going to play an arcade game about thimbles, you might ask yourself. Well you should, because this simple instant win game is absolutely bananas and bonkers. It’s insane. With a Native American Indian theme, the objective here in Freaky Thimbles, is to match three matching symbols, hidden under the thimbles; my, my, that was a mouthful!

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Players can opt to wager anything from the minimum stake of 0.50 per play, upwards to the maximum wager of 20.00 per game. Once they have chosen their wager, they can hit new game to commence play. When the thimbles have stopped spinning, reveal all to see if you have won.

There is a 5x or 10x auto play feature in this arcade game, though it is doubtful if that will be enough to smooth over the cracks and limitations that the Freaky Thimbles titles actually has. Luckily, the jackpot is decent enough for what you wager.

The area where this game might fall flat on its face is in playability. It is all very well having a little tinker at the Freaky Thimbles arcade game, but there isn’t very much freaky about them. Players will more than likely grow bored of this game within a few minutes, which is a problem.
Not so much freaky, as frankly; frankly not very good...