Challenge the Fortune Wheel for easy stakes which can win even money.

Some things aren't what they appear to be. The Fortune Wheel isn't exactly worth a fortune unless you have the right kinds of plays that can make worth a real fortune of actual wins. Stay safe and play the 1:1 stakes. Play it for free and see what we mean!
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Fortune Wheel online casino game -- A wheel-based game of chance

Somewhere between the roulette wheel and the baccarat table is the inventive game of Fortune Wheel. All it takes is a wager on any of these bets to win the amount shown. Easy bets to win are even money on the 1:1 bet. Otherwise it's still a bit of a crap shoot!

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There's always the law of dumb luck that may come your way in the game of the Fortune Wheel. Just as roulette is based on sheer luck you can still win with certain obvious combinations. The number one is the most frequent seen on this wheel followed by the number two and number five. These wagers are already considered common enough to win from, whereas the back end stakes may be long shots. Especially the joker rolling in at 40:1 odds to win.

Land the 1:1 40 times and this is just as likely to happen than a risky wager on that jolly fellow. When it does come to the stakes you should see that a 1 dollar wager for each play is all that is needed to stake a number bet. Others may follow after that in each wager placed. You may also re-bet on the grounds that the spin wasn't your best bet played. Have fun, the wheel does the rest!

On the spins found within the Fortune Wheel you'll first see that there's one thing that happens quite a bit. That's always the number one rule which can be your golden rule.
All the things you love about roulette and more are right here! Can you win big in the Fortune Wheel game? Anything is possible...