Are you good enough to win the Football Cup?

As if watching your team lose the cup on a penalty shootout wasn’t bad enough, that sly old Swedish company has gone and made you go through all of it again here. The nightmare of the penalty shootout continues with the Football Cup instant win game. Try as you might, you’ll find it near impossible to score more than one goal (the goalkeeper is just too good), which really puts a downer on your attempts to win any share of the £40,000 jackpot that the Football Cup instant win game carries with it.
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The Football Cup instant win game by NetEnt

Football Cup is an instant win game designed and developed by Net Entertainment. Quite frankly, this is one of the most unentertaining and frustrating instant win games designed. It acts as a sort of scratch card, and sees a player needing to score at least two goals past the goalkeeper in a penalty shootout in order to win. It is not easy!

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Players who decide to give Football Cup a try, have to cough up 2.00 per card, for that is default and fixed price of this instant win game, and there are no two ways about it. That makes it difficult if you’re not a big spender.

The game involves a bouncing goalkeeper in the middle of the screen, and five footballs. When you click on a football, you must decide whether to shoot it left or right. If it goes in, you get a goal. If not, you don’t. A player needs at least two goals from the five balls in order to win anything at all. The more goals the players score, then naturally the more bonus rewards he will receive, once the game has come to a conclusion.

It’s not that Football Cup isn’t a fair game to play, because it is, and not every game you play can be a winner. However, it is going to take you several scratch cards before you win, and when you do win, if you have only put two goals in the back of the net, you’ll ultimately end up with less (more than likely) than it cost you wagering to get there. All in all, it’s hardly worth the effort on a game that isn’t actually that good.
Much like real life penalty shoot outs, give it a miss...