Make your beanstalk money grow in the 3-reel spins of Flower Slots...

The Flower Slots 3-reel is best played at the 3 coin limit with any stake involved. It has a great pay out average overall with a minor win every 4 or more spins played. The only thing that would add to the Flower Slots is having that Roaming Bee act as a wild or bonus.
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Think green for a change: Flower Slots contributes has an 800-coin jackpot

Back to the pub games again in Flower Slots 3-reel. This is cute and somewhat fanciful. It doesn't have a very realistic look for a virtual slot, however the spins are what make this game last for hours on end. Win from a 3 tier jackpot system with 3 matching butterflies worth 800 coins at the top payout possible.

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Let's start with the important info before it gets lost somewhere. The stakes involved are just 3 choices on the coin denominations. You can choose 10 cents, 1 dollar, or 5 dollars per coin. When it does come to pub slots your best bet is to play the cheap seat ticket until you see the odds of this game for payout. Each win is usually 4-5 spins on average when all three coins are played. Symbols on the reels show the payout results easily enough while the win must be directly on a payline in order to win at all.

When symbols do fall on a line it does win something just for fun. This is a 4 coin door prize so the odds aren't exactly against you at all. The butterfly is the best winning symbol here with 3 different jackpot amounts that are offered. This is due to the payline configuration and is still pretty good even if you only win 400 coins. As much as 800 coins can be won if the win is from line 3. Good luck in watching your wagered seeds grow.

Get into the act of having a reel green thumb, get it? Like in having loads of money? Oh well. Play Flower Slots because you like 3-reels with great winning potential instead!
Little buzzing bee's sometimes visits the paytable flowers in this classic slot game...