Farmville + internet casino gaming = Farmslot

Now you can play Farmville at the online casino – well, sort of. Taking aspects and the general feel from the Facebook application, NetEnt’s Farmslot involves bonus payouts rewarding players for growing their own virtual farms while spinning the reels.
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Farmslot, an online slot game based on Facebook application Farmville

Seeking to get in on the popularity that is Facebook’s Farmville application is Farmslot, an interesting slot game that mixes features of Farmville with traditional online slots play – and throws in a video bonus round based on Whack-A-Mole to boot.

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Farmslot plays more or less like a standard online slot, with the symbols mostly comprised of garden veggies – so instead of calling it a “fruit machine,” call it a “vegetable machine.” It is the special bonus accumulator that really makes this game stand out, however.

The way it works, as surely completely unironically explained by the game designers at NetEnt software, is as follows: Collect three to five equal fruit of veggie symbols to get a special FreakyPot seed. (Yeah, man. Heavy.) Plant seeds in your garden and grow up to nine FreakyPots at a time.

All FreakyPots are guaranteed wins of sorts, paying out after the given plant ripens. Each FreakyPot is accumulated by your stakes shares and can be multiplied.

Finally, when three or more mole symbols land on the reels, the player enters the “Whac-a-Mole” (sic) bonus round: Your farm has been overrun by moles so when one pops its head up, point and click that sucker into oblivion for coin winnings. 

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