Fantastic 7s: Groovy colors of the 60s combine with classic spins

About as basic as slot games might get with no-frills and no wild subs. The Fantastic 7s slot is everything about simple with a pretty good payout ratio while playing. The best payouts found here, were played with max of 3 coins per spin, no matter what wager used.
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Wild jackpot wins of 2500x stake top the Fantastic 7s paytable

Now, everyone knows that 7s are already lucky in the 3-reel slot games. Did you know that Fantastic 7s slot offers some very crazy combos which can win even with combo 7's. How fantastic is that! The top jackpot here in the 3rd coin play is worth 2500 coins.

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Geared for both the hi-rollers and low rollers alike, the Fantastic 7s slot is not so challenging for stakes. You can play it how you like with amounts ranging from 25 cents up to 5 bucks a coin. This slot allows 3 coins max, and the pay table obviously shows how it works for pay.

Any 7s shown in matched wins will pay a specific amount, whereas the Fantastic 7s pay up to 2500x the amount on that 3 coin stake. Bars and cherries also can be matched for great wins too. The lesser pays go for the mixed wins with either cherries or the mixed bars on the payline.

Nice big play bars make it easy to see what bets are played, and also so that the wager buttons that don't get pushed by accident. These are barely enough to see unless you look for them. You cannot play this game with any auto spin, so there's no other choice than to spin manually. That's the beauty of Fantastic 7s for you, have a great game and perhaps loads of wins as well.

Just like the good old days when bell and whistles were all the rage. Great sounds for any winning combo and even the coin plays are pretty easy on the wallet.
Fantastic 7s by Microgaming: Become even more fantastic with spins on this classic slot...