Welcoming an original Chinese gambling game to the casino scene

Fan Tan doesn’t quite follow the format that you would expect it to. Originally a card game very similar to dominoes, this release isn’t quite like that. Played across a board filled with options, this online casino version is more akin to the original Chinese gambling game as opposed to the American variant.
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Fan Tan by Elegant VIP – An epic take on Chinese classic

Bets placed in Fan Tan on Kwok numbers pay out 1:1. Bets placed on Nim numbers pay 2:1, whilst Sheh-Sam-Hong and Nga Tan numbers pay out at rates of 1:3 and 1:2 respectively. The typical fan payouts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 are fixed at 3:1. It pays to understand the payouts and how they work, before attempting to play Fan Tan.

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As with most Elegant VIP created games, the minimum stake to play Fan Tan is fixed at a positively low 1.00 per game. Also typically, the maximum wager is fixed at 100.00 per play. Gamers can bet any figure in between the maximum and minimum wagers if they prefer.

There is a main square in the centre of the board, marked with the number 1-4. Once the bet is placed, a series of counters are revealed from the shaken cup. Players can bet on a series of numbers, corners, or the entire number of buttons in the cup. Betting is complicated, and so practice is needed. Like all number prediction games, if the player’s bet is right they win. If not, the player loses.

As great as it is that there is a traditional Chinese gambling game to play here by Elegant VIP, there are no rules available in the game itself. This makes Fan Tan impossible to play for beginners with no knowledge of how the game works, without research.
A traditional Chinese gambling game, tough to learn how to play