Test your skill of being a card reader in Familiy Fortunes Scratch Card!

No experience neccesary when you compete in this little game. It’s easy a pie when you stake an amount for the chances to make a fortune in your own right when you play the game. Extra bonuses can win you up to 100GBP in a snap. Plays that make your family proud.
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Family Fortunes scratch card - OpenBet powered online casino game

Based-on the longest played show in England, this game pays homage to the thrill in a nifty little scratch card. It’s all fun and games when you play with a small amount but watch those wagers earn and earn into a neat nest-egg for your own Family Forutnes to become real.

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Don’t get all twisted trying to figure out how complicated this game really isn’t to play. It all starts with putting a budget-sized bet on the stake amount section. Then it’s time to play for real. Push the cursor button to the squares that show the amount under the stars. Match a total of three number amounts anywhere on the card surface and that is all it takes to become a real winner in this game. Make your winning strategy even more competative and play the autoplay button to see the results in a flash. No long wait at all, it’s total satisfaction every single play. Uncover 3 big money symbols and find a cash prize of 100GBP in your future too. Family Fortunes is all about building that dream into reality so don’t give up playing for anything, it’s winner takes all for the fortune that awaits your future.

Heat of the moment chances to win and send home the winnings that make your family a real fortune when you get into the game inspired by the hit TV show!
Build more than a nest with the Family Fortunes game