Bust the dealer with blackjack and win 3 to 2 in European Blackjack!

Even if you're a pro player of Blackjack or perhaps a novice, these hands are truly a thrill to play. The simple light-up buttons tell you when you can split, double, as well as hit or stand. We're sure you'll find very easy wins at whatever stakes you like to play.
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European Blackjack give a whole new twist to the game of 21.

As a rule of thumb, it takes no brains to win a hand or two in Blackjack. However in European Blackjack you get your hand before the dealer which makes it more thrilling to play. Stake up to 100 bucks per hand with all the standard blackjack options including splits!

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Are you ready to play blackjack with a very European Blackjack flair to it. No, you don't have to pay in Euro, though when it comes to winning hands it just might help on that extra currency exchange. Start with a simple 5 dollar bet up to 100 dollars for each hand. You can split on your cards when the split button is lit-up. And also chance the speed settings to the game to make the plays faster. A natural blackjack will pay out 3:2 odds while insurance pays 2:1 for those shaky hands you may have.

The dealer of course will stand on a soft 17. What is really interesting is that the cards are dealt to you with only one card for the dealer that is shown until you play the rest of your hand. Double-up when it becomes an opportunity and split whenever possible for a bigger chance at wins. This game is never boring in these hands dealt!

Top this, you can stake a minimal 5 bucks per hand and have a pretty good idea where the dealer is going based on his hole card. Strong hands get the Double-up option!
How can you resist when you have all your cards before the dealer...?