Deal better hands in European Blackjack Redeal Gold table game

For those of you who love Blackjack, there's always a better hand you can build with the option of the Redeal plays. Try the European Blackjack Redeal Gold table game and serve up a better round of blackjack than ever before. This time you can turn the tables of fate.
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European Blackjack Redeal Gold: Give yourself a fresh start

Now there's more than one way to win at Blackjack than you could ask for in a single hand. The European Blackjack Redeal Gold table game has a feature that allows you to redeal both the dealers hand and your own, for perhaps land a stronger win when you play. It's for real at this table.

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All the traditional Blackjack hands you can expect with one very large twist to the rule. In the game if European Blackjack Dedeal Gold hands played, any hand that the dealer holds or that you hold, can be switched for a new card for free. Your hand can then be improved greatly for a possible win over the dealer.

Stakes are done with chips ranging from 1 dollar up to 200 bucks per hand. Certain cases allow for splits on your hand but no redeal for that split is allowed. You have an extra cost for any of your cards to redeal, but for the dealer cards it's free in most cases.

You have a maximum of 5 redeals per hand. When your hand is a blackjack you win automatically and cannot redeal at all. A Blackjack here pays 3:2, and a 21 in the total hands built-up is not considered a Blackjack, but is still a winning hand. Once nice added part is that your last card can be redealt if you go over 21, and this also has an extra cost. It's worth it in this blackjack game!

Talk about recycled cards -- this is one game that helps you make the most of a bad hand, especially if it means a little extra pay on the side to get through the round!
European Blackjack Redeal Gold online casino table game: Want a better hand? Here's one new way to get it easier...