Old-world charm in this European Blackjack 3-hand Hi-roller

Play the game that makes you feel international. Good old-fashioned Europe-stlye Blackjack with the element of Hi-roller feel you might get from Monte Carlo casinos. Great play options for big winnings from 3-hands of classic Blackjack to suit your mood. Feel the luck flow your way with 3-ways to win.
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European Blackjack 3-Hand Hi-Roller - online card game by OpenBet

Want to see how the Europeans are playing it? Catch the spirit and class of the European lifestyle of card gaming with this great combo of this three hands of blackjack game. Beat the dealer and make-off with some impressive winnings. Loaded with special play options that are what Europeans love best about this game.

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Grab up the old world with this game that features a whole 3-hands of cards in the same game. Start by dropping a decent bet for each hand played. You’ll get two cards for each hand with both of the cards faced-up to see. The dealers card is faced up as well but later reveals the next card pulled from the deck. If your hand is already twenty-one, then the next card hand will be played. Anytime there are double cards or (pairs)you have to option to split the hand. Either hit or stand on the card value for what you have.Hit too high and that hand will bust, then you’ll move to the next hand played. You’ll have the bonus to double before adding another card and also if you can split again from a (pair) that may come up.The dealer will then pull-out their ’hole’ card. If they didn’t go over 21 they’ll add another card if lower than 16. If they bust in that hand, then you win and a payout will happen for any hands still open in the game.

Enjoy all the bonuses from this game that give the real feel for European Blackjack. Lots of suprises and lucky wins with doubles and double-downs. Even the insurance bets will still pull a bad hand into a lucky draw for any hi-roller.
Wrap your typical Blackjack game into an international Hi-Roller one