England Blackjack - 3 hands better to beat the dealer

3 hands are better than one in this English version of 3-Hand Blackjack. Try to reach 21 before the dealer and bet your hand against theirs. Hit or stand on your cards if you feel you have the winning hand. Give the English a taste of some real 3-Hand Blackjack for some wild blackjack fun.
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England Blackjack - the online casino card game by Openbet

If you like the flavour of England and enjoy 3-hand blackjack, this game of England Blackjack gives you 3 plays at once that gives you 3 chances to beat the dealer. Beat the dealer with 3-hands at once with a new twist on blackjack with a very proper English theme.

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You don’t need to change the rules with this game much, just build a hand that reaches the cards numbering up to 21. You have a total of 3 hands to play at the same time now. And each play you are given 2 cards to start. From this point you can begin to bet upon the number against the dealer with your wagers. Hit or stand on your cards until you reach the desired number and double-down if you’ve got a winning hand. Split if you have 2 or more of the same card number for extra plays against the dealer. If the dealer has an Ace showing you can take an insurance and double their bet if the dealer checks for a blackjack. if the dealer has a blackjack then you win the insurance but losing the original waged bet in the process. It’s still a decent win either way. It’s simple and exciting play for hours with loads of payout potential. With an English twist, you’ll have 3 ways to beat the dealer.

Outsmart the dealer 3 times over in England Blackjack from Openbet and feel the fun from real 3-Hand blackjack power win you over with big wins with an English smile.
Deal yourself into a king with England Blackjack