Electro Bingo brings the classic into the 21st-century online casino milieu

If you’re into the solo bingo thing, you’ll probably want to give Microgaming’s sharp-looking and fast-playing Electro Bingo a try. This bingo variation offers good payouts and a very tempting “extra ball” option to make up wins after the requisite 30 numbers are drawn.
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Match up the balls and with an extra ball - the possibilities are looking good

Ooooh, so high tech! It’s Electro Bingo, a single-player online bingo game created by Microgaming software designers. This fast-moving, quick-paying game can be a lot of fun, but watch out for those sometimes pricey extra-ball offers...

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In Microgaming’s Electro Bingo, bet $1 to $5 per card on four cards of 15 numbers apiece, drawn from a stock of 1 to 60. Thirty balls are drawn and 14 different patterns formed on the cards earn a payout.

After the 30 balls are drawn and payout (or none) determined, an extra ball will be offered if any of the player’s cards are one spot away from completing a bingo (and thus winning some bucks). The price for an extra ball? Well, that’s random, so you’re probably better off springing for the cheapies when offered. Up to ten extra balls may be bought in all.

Online bingo players know the drill: Choose your cards, play four at a time and try to match any of 14 winning combinations on a 15-number card. Plus play for an extra number or two (or up to 10), but you’ll have to pay...
Electro Bingo: An online bingo game with extra balls – oh my!