Pretty in pastels: Easter Feast video slot celebrates the holiday

Across 20 paylines, GamesOS celebrates springtime with their Easter Feast online slot game. Lots of symbols of the holiday are herein, but better for the players to note are the two bonus rounds which give out the only thing better than chocolate: Winnings.
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Easter Feast video slot, including two bonus symbols/video rounds

Go ahead, guess what this one’s about. Just in time for the spring holiday comes GamesOS’ pastel-colored 20-payline Easter Feast. In terms of goodies to be found on the virtual Easter egg hunt, two bonus symbols are among the lot, each launching a unique bonus round.

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So GamesOS included the poker run symbols in their Easter Feast online slot game, but all else is Eastery ... well, except for the invisible man symbol of whose top hat and moustache only are seen. (A ghost at Easter? Hm!)

No matter, the top hatted invisible man is one of two bonus symbols; this icon launches the “Hats and Bunnies” bonus round when three land anywhere on a single spin. Likewise, three of the Easter basket symbols launch the “Egg Tapping” bonus round.

“Hats and Bunnies” is a simple “Pick ‘Em” round in which the player must guess where the wascaly wabbit is hidden. In “Egg Tapping,” the player chooses an Easter egg to compete in a competition which plays exactly as it sounds: Two eggs are tapped together and, once the player’s breaks, the round is over.

The two bonus symbols in GamesOS’ Easter Feast video slot will make your holiday at the online casino happier than a bunny with a bushel of carrots. In fact, it’s something of a shame this game is seasonal because it’s quite notable.
All together now: “Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way…”