Don't misunderestimate the fun of Dubya Money online slot

Maybe this is the best way to recall the George W. Bush presidential administration: With this wacky, fast-paced single-payline online slot wherein the only weapons of mass destruction are jackpots.
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Dubya Money

Dubya Money reel symbols include stuff like the Lone Star State itself and oil drums, well summing up W.’s not-so-homespun background. And exciting bonus multipliers, nudge options and pseudo-skill games make this baby about 10x more fun than the last eight years combined. Try it now before consignment of all things George W. Bush to the dustbin of history.

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Almost a shame the George W. Bush administration is over, because Dubya Money is still one of the most exciting one-payline slots online, with addictive action aplenty.

Meanwhile, the Os Man still awaits the first Barack Obama-themed online slot. Hello? Anyone at Microgaming software? Helllooooooooooooo...?