The Dr Jack Hill and Mr Dice - instant win fun game

Dr Jack Hill and Mr Dice is an instant win game. This game contains four 3x3 boxes which players must match dice combinations inside to win money from a pay table.
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Meet Dr Jack Hill and Mr Dice, the oddest instant win combination game on the net

Dr Jack Hill and Mr Dice is an original and creative instant win game. There are very few online casino games similar to this title, so it may take players a while to get to grips with it. It is a dice-based game but you could argue that it is a play on words story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Players can start playing Dr Jack Hill and Mr Dice by choosing their stake. Minimum and maximum bets range from 0.25, up to 5.00 per game on this wacky and rather wonderful title.

Once you hit the start button in this bizarre game dice start shooting up through the machine and appear in columns of three. Clicking the start button continuously will make them appear quicker. The objective of the game is line up three of a kind in any of the four boxes on the screen. Each dice has a unique pattern on it and matching three of them will see a player win a fixed prize from the pay table. Multipliers and bonuses can be paid out in this game.

Although it does initially look very confusing, Dr Jack Hill and Mr Hyde is actually a doddle once you figure out how the dice combos work. It may take a bit of time to get used to but after a short while playing many gamers will actually like this instant win casino game.
A dice base game with multipliers that looks complicated but is rather easy to play.