Triple play wagers in Double Wammy can win up to 2500 coins

Not everything can be as bad as the real spins of Double Wammy classic slot. Play for real stakes of just in fun mode. Any 3-coin play can produce some excellent chances to win. And with 75 cents per coin playable, that 2500 jackpot can be totally worth it!
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A shining example of the diamond-sized wins in Double Wammy

How to combine baseball and classic slot games. Who knew they go together? In the Double Wammy 3-reel you can play between 1-3 coins for any 75 cent stake per coin. Only on the 3rd coin can a jackpot win be worth 2500x the jackpot. Subs here give the Double Wammy switch play!

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You may have heard of the “Moon over Miami”, but the Double Whammy, what the heck is that? This is usually when two bad situations happen after one another. In some cases it can mean the total opposite for a complete turnaround of luck, which is the case of the Double Wammy slot game! One of the logo symbols in this game can create a sub win, but when two of them appear, that's a Double Wammy!

Each coin starts with 75 cents per coin upward to a max of 5 bucks per coin. A 3-coin play is 15 bucks and can win up to 2500x the stake. Classic symbols can be matched with certain mixes allowed also.  It's only when the Double Wammy symbol shows-up that is can pay 2x for a single substitute win, and a 4x win for the second Double Wammy. That's one double play you don't want to miss. Have at it!

Who told you this would be bad luck to play? In this game you get 2 chances to win the Double Wammy on any give spin. Now that double the luck!
Double Wammy classic slot online: Get ready for the warmup pitch; this might end up a Double Wammy!