Greased lightning with a Blue Star wins Double Magic 1600x

No need to do any kinds of tricks to get this 3-reel to unload some coins. With a typical 2 coin play for the minimum of 50 cents per coin, you can have double or even 4x the pay for 1-2 of these wild stars. That's not magic enough? Try the free play to see for yourself!
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Have those 3-reel spins with Double Magic

Get into the game all over again. This is for the love of Double Magic spins. Any Blue Star will pay out for only one or two of them on the payline. Top wins on a two coin play can win 1600x the stake if you get smart enough to load the max bets. Even better, any cherry or any bar still pulls decent pay too!

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Now depending how you look at this magic 3-reel, it first looks as if there is some kind of scratcher theme going-on here. Seriously why are the reels so tiny and in the corner? Well, that's part of the kind Double Magic you'll find since payout is so important o this game you'll need to see what pays what when it hits. The most important is the coin plays. 1 coin will land you one set of payout whereas 2 coins plays will make the bigger difference.

No matter, it's all double the amount for the 2nd coin anyway. Stakes start at just 50 cents and can land a whopping 10 bucks on each coin played. That makes sense since any Blue Star will win 2x or 4x if you get one or two on a line. It's acting as the wild but more like a multiplier of sorts. All three of them will pay either 800x or 1600x the jackpot for 1-2 coins played.

Never a bad time to try the 3-reels for some exciting spins around the block. If you love over-sized pay tables, they have them here as well. Who would have thought?
Wonder where the magic is? Right here in Double Magic slots!