Play up to 100 video poker hands simultaneously!

Microgaming's Power Poker line allows the player to play perhaps the biggest multihand poker offering online. Play up to 100 hands with jokers wild in Double Joker Power Poker.
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Double joker - power poker

If you've tried Double Joker Poker (or any video poker game with two jokers as wild cards, really), you can do the same thing 100 times at a time in Double Joker Power Poker!

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Double Joker Power Poker is essentially multi-hand video poker -- up to 100 hands at once. Play starts like regular video poker: Player is dealt a five-card hand and must decide which cards to drop and which to keep in order to build the best possible poker hand.

The difference in Power Poker is that, when you choose which card(s) to keep, you'll be saving those cards in up to 100 other hands as well. On the draw, each of the hands is filled in with the appropriate number of cards, but each from a different "deck."

Think you've played multi-hand video poker before? Ha! Now try the 100-hand action of Microgaming's Double Joker Power Poker.
Double Joker Power Poker: Not for the faint-hearted