Double Bonus Poker for big payouts on big hands

Double Bonus Poker isn't so different from other video poker games, except that it offers a double-or-nothing option on wins and some especially high payouts on high hands.
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Double bonus poker

Essentially standard video poker with a double-or-nothing option, Double Bonus Poker also offers high payouts on four of a kind or royal flush hands: Win the maximum jackpot payout of 4000 coins with the royal flush. Double Bonus Poker also has some other features such as Auto Hold, Auto-Rebet, AutoPlay, Optimal Play Hints, and Game Analyzer.

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Double Bonus Poker is played with the standard deck of 52 cards with no wilds. Choose your wagered amount and hit DEAL to begin play. Player gets five cards and one draw of between zero and five cards to make his/her best five-card poker hand.

After winning a hand, the player can go double-or-nothing. One card is revealed and the player must choose one of four face-down cards; if he/she finds a higher card, he/she doubles the win.

Man, look, Microgaming's touting the double-or-nothing feature, but there's no good reason for you to ever play it -- it's just an unnecessary gamble.
Video poker with high payouts on four of a kind