More selections of winning hands in Double Bonus Poker wins.

When playing Double Bonus Poker you'll see that good cards combos are already marked as held. This makes choosing more direct and simplified. Steer clear of that gamble game even though it looks tempting, you may lose your entire win if the card chosen isn't higher than the dealer card.
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Chance getting Double Bonus Poker money on a double-up bet every time!

If you liked the Bonus Poker game from RTG, you'll have a more upgraded version that tops the original. Still the same as the first actually with extra payout for card combos and 5 coin plays can award 4000 coins with a Royal Flush. Still has the double-up bonus bet too!

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Aside from the upgraded pay table that allows payout for four Aces, four 2's, 3's, 4's, and four 5-K cards, this is Double Bonus Poker at its' best. The only downside to this game once again is the pay table itself. While you can wager a coin per play, the wins for a single coin pay are terrible compared to the 5 coin plays. Since the stakes start at a few cents up to 5 dollars per coin amount, you stand to win better if you add the full coin amount.

Start with the lowest coin denominations as this doesn't get in the way of the payout rules. The max coin level that is advanced will give the best results on that section of coins given for a win. Just wager and pick your cards. When you do win, you choose if you want to gamble that win or not. Be smart and pass on it if you have a higher amount than expected.

The bonus in Double Bonus Poker is certainly the added card combinations. The down side is the pay table categories that keep big wins to the 5th coin played. Easy settings make it fun to play!
Now you can match those aces and extra winning combos in Double Bonus Poker...