Win up to $1000 for a Royal Flush in Double Bonus Poker

In this video poker game, you won’t have to use much in the way of strategy to win anything. Most of the hands provided in Double Bonus Poker video poker are already giving you pretty decent odds at the lowest wager levels around. Try it today and see the difference it makes.
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Jacks or better still win in the hands of Double Bonus Poker

Video poker with a bit of striptease dance action is all part of the game when you play the Double Bonus Poker video poker slot. Up to a 1000 dollar win for landing the Royal Flush at max stake bets. Plus, you might even giggle at the 10 cent starter to play this poker slot.

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Sexy music and even sexier women are hard to resist, when it comes to concentrate on a round of video poker. If you can master this simple task, you’re ready to play the low-roller stakes that start with 10 cent hands up to a max of 5 dollars per round.

In this game you don’t have the luxury of multi-hand plays, although just a single hand is all you need to make any possible winnings. A pair, jacks or better, will win even money. Anything better can win you more.

Start with the demo game to see where the best hands can earn demo money, after that make the steps toward an actual bet which can be actual returns for anything won. Double Bonus Poker video poker is a sure-fire game that is worth playing all-through the night! You can set this game to be played at max levels or just play with the great low-roller stakes.

Be smart and play some rounds of this simple video poker game for fun. At the very top wins in real play you can expect to see some excellent returns.
Where video poker and sexy swinging girls like to hang out. This is heaven!