Get a load of Double Barrel, twice the opportunity to win

There really isn’t any other game quite like Double Barrel. Yes, it is certainly a variant of roulette, but the way that it has been designed is refreshing and original. There are so many ways to bet, that a player could possibly win more than once with a single play of the game. Although, with so many betting options and lots of information splashed across the screen, it might look confusing; Double Barrel is any easy to grasp game that should pose no problems for even the most rookie gamers, once they understand the basics of roulette.
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The Double Barrel wheel game by OpenBet – Double the chances, double the fun in this unique game

Double Barrel is unlike any other gambling game you are likely to come across. This unique game, designed and developed by OpenBet is a form of billiards-roulette game, with billiards balls rotating in two wheels off to the left and right of the main game board. Each barrel contains numbers up to 24, with three balls from each barrel being drawn. Those numbers are set against a player’s wager to determine a win.

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Players are presented with a selection of chips ranging from 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00 and 10.00. The players then wager what they feel is adequate enough for them, on any of the options presented to them on the game board.

The game board is central to the barrels, and contains a range of bets from the left side being higher than the right, vice versa, individual numbers, total ranges, odds and evens. If the total number drawn from both barrels, or from the left or right matches the wager placed by the player, then they will find themselves on the receiving end of a victory. If not, then they will win nothing. This game is played in a similar fashion to roulette, in that regard.

How would you classify Double Barrel? Is it a roulette game? Basically, OpenBet’s roulette variant is a wheel game, and pretty clever one at that. Gamers who are tired of playing at the same old roulette wheels will find plenty to enjoy with this neat, original and fully entertaining wheel game.
The first of its kind, a real hit with a good chance of victory possible