Dolphins from B3W is a 3-reel slot worth 3000 coins in jackpot

For truly inspiring slot play experience, you have to try Dolphins from B3W. It doesn't have so much bang for the buck even though it doesn't cost more than 60 cents per spin respectively. Wins are still tasty with the top symbol winning for even 1-2 of them on the payline.
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Swim over to the Dolphin world to experience sunken spins

Get swallowed up in the depths of this finely designed 3-reel slot. The game of Dolphins is all about treasure of a different sort with the overall chances that you can play a 3 coin wager in order to make the top wins possible. This can pay 3000 coins for the jackpot combination!

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Simple and graceful, the Dolphins 3-reel is more like a vacation away from the action-packed explosive slots you usually see out there. Dive to the deepest parts of the ocean with beautiful graphics of what else, Dolphins! Choose the denomination you want to play from. There are 3 coins that can be played with a better chance to get the higher pay on that 3 coin play. The coin amount itself can be 5 cents or even as much as 20 cents per coin.

How ecological is that when the economy is nearly in bust mode right now? Start your spins with the hops and dreams of matching symbols that can come up. Dolphin pods (which are sort of like bars) can be mixed-up to make a win if any combo comes up. There are no wilds here although the top winning symbol of the dolphin jumping in a sunset still pays for 1 or 2 landed on the line itself.

Get hooked with the graceful animals that have more brains than humans have. Perhaps this is why they have their own slot that isn't goofy or packed with too many extras. Just good clean fun!
Ready to win some treasure that isn't from a treasure chest?