Who let the big dogs out in Doggy Reel Bingo? Microgaming did…

You are definitely barking up the right tree playing Doggy Reel Bingo fruit machine, aka, bingo gone slot. Multiplier values go all the way up to 500x and include a large liter of ways to win in addition to basic common one-payline wins.
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Win big multipliers playing Doggy Real Bingo with a dog show plus bingo balls

A banner above Doggy Reel Bingo shows you the way through this multi-game hybrid mix of bingo/roulette and slot. Quirky announcements also flash above like, “In dog we trust”, and so on and so forth. It’s a rather creative expression of what initially looks like a simple, one-liner. Dogs are barking up a racket in Doggy Reel Bingo casino game in a bingo draw bonus game, a reel bonus game, nudge feature, a hold feature and a shifta feature.

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When playing for real cash set the coin value amount per spin by using the increase and the decrease buttons then begin to play using the spin button.  The Trail Held feature is random and holds positions on the reels for the next spin. In the nudge feature hit the spin button to stop on a certain number of nudges ranging from one to fifteen. Players get the option to gamble for more nudges. Uncollected nudges are banked for the next spin. The Bingo Draw bonus game has a bingo card with 8 different features and three random numbers associated with it. Get all 3 numbers and win.

A Hair of the Dog features guarantees random wins with dogs wearing rosettes labeled with multiplier values. Total bet amount is multiplied by the chosen multiplier. A Spin Win is a guaranteed win and is awarded randomly.

The Best in Show feature is another bingo card filled with numbers. Click the stop button to isolate a group of bingo numbers.

The Reel Roulette feature completes a winning combination from the symbol the player clicks stop on. The Pets Mean Prizes is another dog feature with dogs in rosettes with multiplier values. Hold buttons activate it after selecting a dog. Wins are multiplied.

The Pedigree Prizes is a click stop feature as well and is another automatic win. Doggy Reel Bingo is the random win feature that is a dog show with a bingo card with each show dog walking out with a particular bingo number. Completed lines are paid out as such: one payline complete multiplies bet amount 50x; a two line win pays out a 200x multiplier; and all three lines complete pays out a 300x multiplier. For more details and payout information click the help button on the machine.

The features of Doggy Reel Bingo are vast from a reel bonus game, a nudge feature, a hold feature, and a Shifta! Feature. These dogs are foaming at the mouth for bingo balls. Triple cherries on the one payline multiplies bet amount 2x, triple lemons multiplies 4x, triple oranges 8x, triple bars 10x, triple dog food dishes 16x, triple dog collars 20x, triple dog houses 30x, triple trophies 50x, and tripple Doggy Reel Bingo Logos 500x.
Who needs a static bingo card to play when Doggy Reel Bingo offers Bingo in a slot form that’s fast past and livelier than other bingo games?