Disco will never die: Case in point, this classic-style slot game

Back when real swingers knew a thing or two about dancing to the Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever is still registered at the CDC. When top wins are awarded in Disco Slot, the reaction often goes viral, since any win here is a good enough reason to shake your tail feathers!
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Do the Hustle for 800 coins in the jackpot in Disco Slot

Disco is dead, or so you might think? The retro revolution somehow managed to revive the past with yet another spin on the disco theme with Disco Slot 3-reel. It's offering 3 different jackpots with an 800 coin amount appointed at the very top. Glitter balls never looked so good!

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Time once again to dust off those old LP records with Rick Dees and the Disco Duck, and even that Star Wars disco album! Dare that the Star Wars Christmas Disco album even featured Jon Bon Jovi singing! Who knew? In the case of Disco Slot however you'll find even cheesier disco music along with your 3-reel spins. You can always pop in a Grand Funk Railroad 8-track to cover this music instead. Starting wagers are also nice with a 10-cent coin per payline. 

Stick to the 10-cent coin limits even though they exceed up to 5 bucks per coin. Wins are completed with symbols landing directly on the payline itself. This doesn't always happen, but at times when it does any combo on a payline is still rewarded with a nominal 4 coins. Boogie on when this game does payout!  Three jackpots are available with 800 coins being the top return when 3 of the guitar symbols land on payline 3.

Somehow ABBA gets thrown-into the Disco category all the time even though it's simple folk pop with fancy costumes. You might want to wear your bell bottoms while spinning this slot.
You don't have to love disco in order to boogie down with some spins here...