Being a caveman is serious business whe you get the Dino Scratch Card

Whats wrong with being a little simple back in the days of the dinosaurs. Sure you have some eggs to break for breakfast, but if you match 3 eggs in this game your bet is going to grow up. Trade your dino’s in for cash prizes and skip the bothersome problem of trying to find a sandbox big enough to fit them all into.
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Dino - scratch card game by OpenBet with symbol matching

Dangerous dinos are in your future for this game. Match 3 dinos that pop-out of the eggs and you’ll have some winnings that are worth being a total caveman about. Get into the game that allows you to be a real brute about smashing some eggs with a big smile.

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Sticks and stones won’t keep them away, you’ll have to smash yourself a few eggs to make this omlett turn out in your favour. Set the starting bet with a cave-sized amount and get into gear for some dino-sized winning odds- at your side. If you can stand the Flinstoned graphics, your benifit is the after-effect of matching 3 dinos that come out the eggs with the winning bet you placed upon them. After that, if you have the luck like a caveman has hair, it wont take much to get a real man-sized prize at your side. Give into the temptation of being a dirty cave-dweller and become your own fortune-teller. Each game is set to make pre-historical limits take a real natural turn. You’ll find the fortune rather odd when you get a little simple for the Dino Scratch game. Take the time to make your eggs hatch just right!

Big wins start with matching dinos. Get them all in one basket in this game. Play the instant reveal for faster results. Time to make primative living a personal matter of fortune.
Get the Dino Scratch fever, sweat the money later.