Bet that the matrix can be easily be beaten in Digit

You have to see the future is bright, so get into the hipster way of being a programmer and beat the Matrix at their own game. Select your guess at which will be even or odd, or just ones or Zeros. Even a would-be mind-reader can see the outcome of these plays, so get the chance to play for some quick future cash.
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Digit - video slot casino game by OpenBet

Here is the future that makes games like this so weird and wonderful. The lucid graphics make it seem cold and sterile but don’t fear, this game has nothing to do with being a matrix of sorts that doesn’t turn out anything real in the end, play this game for some bets that the common numbers will always pay out.

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Neo was totally wrong when the Matrix crashed and the numbers just didn’t add up. You can cash in where these future finders failed to see that the monst common denominator is usually the one that just has 3 digits to it.

This game is really easy to play. The odds are that you guess the outcome of the numbers shown. Even numbers, odd numbers, ones or zeros will be shown. it’s that simple. Your bet is placed before each play and even though you have 4 choices for three numbers that will come up in the system, you still have incredible odds of a payout each time.

Pretty foolproof game even for a game of the future. There is always a new combination of sorts to play and the intensive treatment for guessing the outcome of just 3 numbers will make you see the internal workings of the matrix itself.

Fast-thinking is for amatuers in this game, decide what combo is the final word and win some memory space that is saved when playing this game. It is the future!
Even or Odd, you have to set the balance of the future...