Dice Twister where dice and dangerous multipliers collide

Playtech’s Arcade Game, Dice Twister is a fun twirl into fast, easy money online where betting on the correct outcome of the throw of 3 dice will be your quickest way to get transported to the Emerald City.
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Dice Twister

In the mood for a little dice throwing? Dice Twister is a way to win instant casino money in an arcade game where betting on whether the dice will be hi or lo, odd or even, 1 of a kind, 2 of a kind or 3 of a kind or else guess on the sum of all 3 dice with.

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Begin by making a bet, then click spin and 3 dice will begin to roll in a twister type of frenzy. Use the rebet feature to continue betting the same way for further spins or else use the clear bets button to select other bets. 

Betting on the sum total of the 3 dice ranges in multipliers as do the other bets winning totals but bets can only be as high as $20 for sum totals. The same is true for 1, 2 and 3 of a kind. Bet up to $75 on all other bets.

Win up to a 75x multiplier for only one of various bets that players of Dice Twister can make playing Dice Twister with a total of 3 dice.
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