Bet your bottom dollar in Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks classic slot

It can be said that all of life has risks, which are really a matter of taking the dare to live life at the fullest. Are you ready to risk it all with the Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks classic slot spins? Come and find out, just for demo play if you like. That's one dare that doesn't cost a thing.
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Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks -- Fourth coin launches feature round

One slot game you might have to be silly not to try at least once. The Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks classic slot is more than a dare, it's downright daring! Any 3-coin play can still win great coin returns, however when the 4th coin is dared, you can enter a bonus round for landing the Bonus Bucks!

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When was the last time you were asked to take a dare? Not unlike those days when schoolyard pranks took a wrong turn, this kind of dare is more a wagered plus. You can still stake up to 3 coins in the base game and still make great wins just from pure luck. It still won't get you any closer to the Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks slot bonus round if you don't place a 4th coin. This unique feature won't increase the base game wins at all.
What it does do, can increase Bonus Bucks from the bonus game. As far as you can see, the pay table tells you all the info about wins in the game. Land a Bonus Bucks symbol on the 3rd reel from any spin, and this begins the bonus round. When will it happen is totally at random, thus this is why it's your dare to get there. Good luck!

Live a little, this life doesn't have to be as boring without a little dare involved. Especially when it's about big bucks. Heck this slot plays for pennies, why not!
Diamond Dare Bonus Bucks edition classic-style slot game: Any 4-coin wager can launch the Bonus Bucks feature round...