Sell your soul to Devil Slot and win a possible 4000 coin jackpot

Just as it might have been the case of two brothers who sold their souls to the Devil to win at the Roulette Wheel, Devil Slot can offer you the same option. Are you ready to lose more than your shirt in this slot designed directly from the red right hand man himself.
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Devil Slot 3-reel classic slot game online -- With 4000-coin jackpot

Dude, our album covers lied to us all! IN the rare case of getting held by the devil, it might as be a game that delivers you to more evil than away from it. Devil Slot is sort of like a 3-reel with benefits. Alright the 2000 coin jackpot is not bad either.

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You've seen the lighter side of Heaven and now it's time to burn in Hell for a while. Nope it's not going to be an eternity to get any kind of wins from this 5-reel. Every other spin depending on 'Ole Nick is some kind of win or not. It's all right, the stakes are not to shabby at all! At only 10 cents per coin with the devil commanding you at all times to raise it higher (in some cases up to 5 dollars), could you expect anything else from this devil?

Set to a soothing backdrop of the Hades beach front, your machine seems to take on a hellish alter ego after every win. Thankfully you can walk away whereas your spent plays will forever burn in this hell until they are returned. Just for fun you can also play the bet max for all lines stakes by default. At a random spin you might land something you didn't try to contact with your old Ouija board.

Don't be a a big chicken just yet, slot nightmares are for kids! This Devils Slot may just haunt you forever, if you don't make sure you have fun playing it!
Be sure to play some AC/DC real-loud when playing Devil Slot!