It’s standard five-card poker with wilds. Which wilds? Deuces, of course!

Of course, as with any video poker title, the name of the game is to make as good a hand as you possibly can. When a player has acquired a winning hand, they will be paid out the equivalent for that hand from the pay table above. The higher the stake, the better the winnings will be.
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The Deuces Wild video poker game by Playtech – Online video poker at its simplest

Playtech’s Deuces Wild is a video poker game that offers plenty of hands to win on, and of course, classic Deuces Wild poker variant gameplay. This video poker game permits players to practice their poker skills in a safe environment, where there are no dealers nor other players to beat you. Players can also make a fair bit of money if they win with decent hands.

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Players can begin wagering on the Deuces Wild video poker game from as little as 0.05 per hand. The coin values also travel upwards to 5.00 per hand. Players have the option of betting only one coin per hand, or a total of five coins per hand. This gives Playtech’s Deuces Wild game a minimum wager of only 0.05 per hand, or a maximum stake of 25.00 per hand.

Of course, in this video poker game, the deuces are wild. What this means is that the 2 cards act as wild symbols in this game. The inclusion of wild symbols therefore means that players now have the option of having a hand that contains a five of a kind, or a wild royal flush. These are both hands that wouldn’t ordinarily be available in standard video poker. However, due to the use of wilds, the lowest acceptable hand for a win is now the 3 of a kind hand, instead of a two pairs, or a pair.

This is a very nice looking video poker game. With video poker titles, it is often all too easy to make a simple rushed game, because nobody expects colourful and decent graphics. Playtech haven’t done that though, and their video poker game looks the business.
Deuces Wild is as enjoyable as it is profitable!