Classic video poker plus 2s wild -- That's this Microgaming game

Typically the next move for the video poker player after mastering the basic game, Deuces Wild offers more mind-boggling possibilities in the game.
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Deuces Wild video poker by Microgaming -- Trips or better to win

Increase those powerful video poker hands in Deuces Wild video poker. It's just like the regular game except with all 2s wild ... and better hands needed to cash in!

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Deuces Wild poker plays out like standard video poker games, except with the crucial difference that 2s are wild and may be substituted for any other card in the standard 52-card deck.

After choosing a wager, the player is dealt five cards. After one draw of between zero and five cards, the player is awarded a payout based on the strength of his/her best poker hand. In Deuces Wild, three-of-a-kind or better are winning hands.

Deuces Wild video poker: It's 2 wild, man! Get it? "2 wild"? Bwah ha ha ha, ah, I crack me up.
Lots of wild cards in Deuces Wild video poker