The sun never sets too soon on this Deuces Wild video poker

Hang tough with a real wild bunch. In the Deuces Wild poker slot game, you can win from hands that form the best hand played. If you have a hankering for slot poker, this is the kind of friendly game that might end with a gunfight! Try the demo play first.
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Deuces Wild video poker: Get ready to get rowdy with multi-hands

Howdy Partner, if you’ve gotten saddle-sore from the ride over this range, it’s time to relax with the Deuces Wild poker slot game. Winning hands win up to $1,250 on a 5 dollar bet! You can also play up to 25 hands in a single round as well.

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Now it’s time to show you how the real old west was really won. When you play the Deuces Wild poker slot game, you can deal yourself a single hand up to a total of 25 of them per game played. The starter bids will allow a single 10 cents to be used, per hand. High rollers will also have a 5 dollar wager for the max bet on a hand played too.

Split up the fun with adding the multi-line hands which add up a full 25 hands. Each added hand is the same cost as the base hand, so be aware that this can reach 125 bucks per round.

Any pair in this game just isn’t good enough for pay to be awarded. You’ll need three of a kind to win the lowest win. A natural royal flush is the top winner in this game which pays an excellent $1,250 when a 5 dollar bet is wagered. Any win also gets access to the bonus dice game to add a possible extra win worth double if you guess correctly. Guess wrong and you lose your bet totally along with the winnings your wagered. Yes, this game is as rowdy as it gets!

The old west was known for the rough and tumble lifestyle. If you like to be a bit feisty, you’ll have to try the multi-hand extension which offers up to 25 hands playable.
Deuces Wild video poker by World Match: For a game that makes big bets have several chances to win, play the multi-hands...